Responsibilities Of A Cleaning Supervisor

Jobs of cleaning supervisors can be of different kinds. They are usually part of a building administration or employed by offices. They are assigned the duty to manage cleaning and janitorial staff, plan their schedules or timings as well as work shifts. They are put in charge of maintaining inventory, equipment, train and hire or place people in different jobs. A cleaning supervisor would require minimal high school qualifications, though, depending on the kind of company they are employed by, they might be required to have the college education as well as relevant work experience.

Cleaning Supervisor

When it comes to building maintenance, a cleaning supervisor has to supervise the different employees who are assigned different tasks across a building or a complex. In case of commercial office cleaning services, these need to be done at specific times on weekends or during evenings. Hence, cleaning supervisors need to be available for working different shift times. When people are being employed for cleaning tasks, a background check needs to be done. The cleaning supervisor needs to check the background records of applicants and screens other details like behavioral and physical traits.

Cleaning supervisors are often part of agency service. Nowadays, most companies, as well as building administrations, hire out cleaning staff from agency services. The agencies often allocate a supervisor for a building or a client premise; the supervisor, in turn, will engage and allocate different responsibilities among the different cleaning personnel as required on the premises of the client.

A supervisor for a small office or building might be required to take up cleaning tasks themselves in the absence of regular cleaning personnel. As absenteeism is often an issue among cleaning personnel, a supervisor needs to ensure that a replacement is found in time or the cleaning jobs as required on a regular basis are done without stoppage.